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I have a monthly payment of $439.81 and NONE of my payments are going toward the principal only the interest. I got the car back in August.

I'm behind 2 payments due to my unemployment status and the calls are coming 3xs a day or they're calling my references possibly stating that they can't get me on the phone. last month I payed and let the lady know that I would call them after I have made the next payment. Then 2 days later, I got a call from them wanting another payment in 10 days.

They do not make notes in their system and the don't correspond with each other. I'm now trying to find another dealership or bank to refinance and get out of this mess.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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So, you are pissed because you have a loan and aren't making payments? Or because you have no idea how a loan works (the initial payments are ALWAYS on principal)?

I would seek some financial planning classes/assistance.

You are obviously in over your head. A $440/mo car payment for someone without a steady job is absurd.


"NONE of my payments are going toward the principal only the interest"

One question, did you read what you signed? If it says this is how it's going to be and you agreed to it, this is on you.

Thanks for telling us what to watch out for before agreeing to and signing a contract.

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